Though London itself has many connections to the Boy Who Lived, it also provides a convenient base to explore many Harry Potter locations in Southern England.With these Harry Potter day trips from Lonodn you’ll be able to walk the halls of Hogwarts, visit Harry’s birthplace at Godric’s Hollow, walk the grounds of Hogwarts and more.

Diagon Alley Locations in the UK

While we Muggles may never be able to find the exact brick wall that lets us enter Diagon Alley, there are a number of locations that we can visit in the UK to recreate the magic of this wizard shopping street. Scattered across London, York and Edinburgh these seven Diagon Alley locations either helped to inspire J.K. Rowling in imagining Diagon Alley for the books or served as a filming location in the Harry Potter movies.

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Harry Potter Filming Locations in Scotland

As the home for Hogwarts in the books and movies, Scotland delivers an extraordinary experience for Harry Potter fans looking to relive the magic of the series. Many areas within the dramatic and mystical landscape of the highlands served as Harry Potter filming locations, including the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct that the Hogwarts Express travels over, the beautiful Hogwarts Black Lake, the location for Hagrid’s Hut, and other stunning highland scenery used for the grounds of Hogwarts.

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