Things to do in Marseille France

Though often overlooked, France’s oldest city is full of natural beauty, hidden ancient ruins and uniquely colored buildings that give visitors plenty of thing to see while in Marseille. Once the center of the Mediterranean, Marseille’s culture and buildings blend together the Roman, African, and French influences that built the city from its founding over 2600 years ago

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Old Town Lyon

Drenched in medieval history and charm, Old Town Lyon transports you back through a city whose history was built on silk, religion and grandeur. Known locally as Vieux Lyon, this section of town holds some of the oldest structures in Lyon (outside of the city’s Roman ruins, that is). A day could easily be spent wandering the cobblestone line streets, exploring the hidden passageways and taking in the ornate, colorful buildings that have stood witness to the city’s history for centuries.

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What to do in Annecy, France

With its medieval streets, colorful buildings and a swan-filled lake surrounded by majestic mountains, Annecy makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into a real-life fairy tale. Though a haven for relaxation, there are plenty of things to do in Annecy, France.

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Day Trip to Versailles

Transport yourself back in time and walk the paths of Marie Antoinette and the Sun King Louis XIV by taking a day trip to Versailles. Known for the Hall of Mirrors and its lush gardens full of beautiful flowers, plant sculptures and ornate fountains that dance to the sounds of a string quartet, the Palace and Gardens are the perfect day trip from Paris.

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